● Double Walled Construction
● Double Duty Barrier
● Drill Defeat Shield
● High Precision Dual Control
● Flap Door Top
● Tool Resistant
● Automatic Relocker
● Motion Sensor Intelligent
● Fire & Burglary Resistant
Godrej Legacy Plus is a new range of safes with all the quality features of hallmark safes, at an
affordable price. Double walled construction provides protection from fire, and it also enhances
strength and safety of the safe. It is important to remember that a burglar is going to be on foot,
and there is only so much that they can carry by hand,Godrej Legacy Plus double duty barriers
provides superior resistance against the Burglary.The another feature is that Drill defeat shield it
provides extra security to locks and make secure of the safe.It provide the fitting solution to
modern day burglary attacks with ever improving techniques and tools. High precision dual
control lock prevents pilerage of Cash, no one could pilerage your cash,documents,file from
Godrej Legacy plus.The Flap door top is an another feature of Godrej Legacy Plus it comes with
a Flap door top for added security with convenient storage.Tool resistant resist against all
attacks, burglary e.g.sledge,hammers, power drill. Attack on the locker or safe is normal
Automatic locker resistance against locker attacks sets safe into a deadlock mode in case of an
attack on lock.Motion sensor intelligent. It enables clear visibility of contents inside the safe .
Smart Sensors are that gives unique smart technology vibe Quick detection,More
Alerts,Enhanced Security.Fire and Burglary resistant provides protection against the Burglary
attacks and fire attacks
Godrej Legacy Plus available in two specification,61 Legacy plus and 61 Neutronics Legacy
plus.Godrej Legacy safe is good at all when it compare with Local manufactered safes allowed
specifications are made with standard quality products.Godrej legacy plus provide godrej
certified quality assurance.

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