Biometric technology not only ensures that convenience doesn’t come at the cost of security, but can actively enhance convenience, too security systems already offer consumers a range of ‘lifestyle benefits’; biometrics take these benefits one step further.Biometric will be installed adjacent to the main vault door for Operation.An electromagnetic door lock is basically a locking device that has an electromagnet and armature plate. And there’s no  better device than these locks that can safeguard your home. It not only give a safe circumstance but also discourages any criminal activity from happening.

Electromagnetic Lock of 1200 LBS will be installed on the grill, gate with the help of brackets.An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. Electromagnetic locks consist of an armature and a coil assembly, that become magnetized when an electric current passes through that.Locking devices are either “fail safe” or “fail secure”device.One additional biometric reader will be fitted inside the vault room for exit of the authorised person (An emergency releaseswitch can also be given if reader is not required)The biometric controller will be programmed for Dual mode (Two authorised person must enrol their finger along with theiruser id to open the door)Mechanical key lock operation(it is branch call to keep it optional or else the mechanical lock must be opened every time and then the EM lock)Enrolment of the users will happen at the branch level with the help of Software which can be installed in normal desktop orlaptop or directly on the device.

User enabling and disabling can be done by admin rights. (We can nominate one person to be the admin who can take necessary actions). Audit trails (event logs) can be downloaded from the software installed in the systemTime lack Optional can be programmed in the controller so that for that particular time the controller cannot be operated.

Duress Alarm (Silent alarm) can be programmed in the system for Daylight robbery attempts. The system needs to be

integrated to local alarm panel or GSM Module (Which is chargeable extra and optional Door positioning sensor can also be programmed in the lock so that if the door is not closed property in a particular time frame the lack will give signals for closing the door Optional battery backup adapter can be given if the power is not on UPS.

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