Godrej Home and Offices Safes with Digital Lock

The term “E-Safe” refers to an Electronic  safe that can only be opened and locked using a numeric code combination. As a result, E-safes are more secure than traditional safes with key locks. Godrej utilised a motorised bolt action, making it secure and difficult to open. Not only that, but Godrej safes are hammer-proof, which means no one can just pound on the locks to unlock them.

Godrej provides excellent safes for the past a century , also new E-safes are affordable as its electronic, safe.

Benefits of Godrej safes 

  • Digital safe with a key in case the password is forgotten.
  • If four incorrect attempts are made, the system will automatically freeze.
  • Extra protection with motorised shooting bolts
  • If the battery is low or depleted, the non-volatile memory secures your password.
  • Low battery indication is included.

Godrej’s wide range of products gives a high safety to keep your valuables safe and secure. 

Autovault Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

Product Description

Benefits of Autovault to Bankers 

  • An excellent tool for customer acquisition and retention 
  • A custodian is not needed to operate the lockers, thereby saving cost 
  • A premium service that will lead to higher revenues on account of higher rent 
  • Highly customised to meet space constraints in the bank 
  • 5 different locker sizes to target different customer requirements 
  • No empty lockers, as non-moving lockers can be replaced with in demand lockers even after installation 

Autovault is one of the most modern and safe multi-locker vault systems available, based on a robotic platform that offers locker account holders both security and convenience. The locker system gives a customer access to their locker 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with total privacy and convenience.

It will also provide consumers with four-layer protection by protecting access to specified lockers with a keycard, PIN, and key. Once an account holder enters the facility, the technology prohibits entrance to anybody in the locker booth, en

suring total safety and privacy.

The extremely precise and secure robotic system retrieves and brings just the specified locker to the client once the account holder asks access to the locker by swiping the access card and entering the associated PIN. The system returns the locker to its allocated place in the protected vault once the customer completes the transaction and locks it using the unique safety key. Godrej delivers the greatest locker security, whether for home or workplace, and it keeps everything safe and secure.

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