Defender Prime

  • Strong and seemless body with fully welded multi-corner bend construction without a single rivet and one- piece wrap around door construction
  • Two step door and frame construction for higher resistance against fire and burglary
  • List hinges door construction which facilities removal of door for ease in transportation & in service
  • Armoured with Double Duty barrier (DDB) material in the door and the body
  • Enhanced torch and drill resistant matrix (class BB and above)
  • Strong shooting bolts to Secure the door behind the jamb box against disloding.
  • Sets the safe into a deadlock with two relockers and an additional beta relocker to protect from precision attack on the lock.
  • Dual control high precision 8-lever locks protected with unique drill-defeate shield in the door.
  • Class C safes have successfully withstood the one- hour fire resistance test carried out at C. B. R. I., Roorkee, India.
  • Tested as per BIS standard IS 550:2014 


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